Cushions with colourful patterns

Mixing permitted: graphical and floral patterns compete with other decorative materials, as seen at Missoni in Milan.

A passion for patterns!

Décor at its best: ornamental designs greet you from the walls while structures on homely surfaces bring a touch of magic to rooms.

Strong graphics make their presence felt on the walls, fantasy-filled patterns provide visual appeal and decorative ideas inspired by nature adorn the living area. Even upholstery and floors are becoming brighter: interior design and home décor have resumed their love affair. One popular trend is that of ‘wall tattoos’, which give homes a temporary motto. Flowing wallpaper designs are reminiscent of the seventies. Coolness and elegant purism are left aside: The decorative trend demonstrates individuality. Your local bathroom professional or dealer will be happy to provide you with information about the design options for your bathroom: they will show you the perfect bathroom products to create your own personal feel-good bathroom, displaying a penchant for the decorative.

Patterns and colours trigger feelings

Some patterns trigger memories; others represent future experiences. From Baroque to Pop-Art, from the love of gardens to the inspiration of the major cities: décor ideas for the wall excite our fantasies, awaken feelings and illustrate lifestyles. The patterns also redefine the feel-good rooms: a wall tattoo over the bed can send out a sign; the photographic-quality wallpaper can purport a topic. There is no taboo on optically bringing the birch forest or a city motif.

Wallpaper: The Ultimate Guide. Charlotte Abrahams. Callwey.

Charlotte Abrahams presents the history of wallpaper and 150 high-quality patterns. Callwey.

Patterns in bathrooms and interior design – be inspired


Structure and finish - also with 3D effect 

The trend towards haptic experiences is now found in wall design: more and more newly designed tiles have relief-like or structured finishes, which attractively catch the light. Furthermore, many new wallpaper designs have a three-dimensional finish with protruding plastic ornamental designs. These effects give a room an exciting, sustainable character.
Ornamental design in modern bathrooms – including from our brand AXOR.

The trend of creating a stronger connection between living, sleeping and bathroom areas also brings decorative ideas into the bathroom: for example, damp-resistant wallpaper, colourful patterns on white ceramics and ornamental designs on shower dividers. Previously, consumers liked these glass walls to be pure and invisible. The AXOR Urquiola paravent, which acts as both a room divider and a radiator, is decorative and far from puristic. Its metal surfaces are adorned with a cloud pattern. The paravent is part of the AXOR Urquiola collection and embodies the playful style of the designer Patricia Urquiola.

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