AXOR Citterio E

The latest designer products from AXOR

Experience outstanding design and more individuality for bathroom and kitchen. AXOR has expanded its successful collections, created in collaboration with internationally renowned designers and architects. Find out all about the completely new options that are available, and choose solutions that will help you achieve your dream bathroom. And perfect convenience in the kitchen.

AXOR ShowerSelect in the shower.
A little button guarantees a more comfortable shower.
Ambience with AXOR Citterio E.
A timeless collection, which is a blend of the familiar and the new. With its impeccable design, AXOR Citterio E combines premium quality with refined elegance. Products for all areas of the bathroom can be seamlessly integrated into a variety of style ambiences.
AXOR Universal bathroom accessories.
Add the ultimate personal touch to your bathroom with the AXOR Universal accessories range: the elegant, timeless elements can be used in versatile ways and, thanks to their universal design, they can be integrated into a range of different style worlds.
AXOR Starck V mixer featuring a water vortex.

Have you ever wondered what water looks like in the mixer? Have you imagined the power with which it swirls upwards? The transparent AXOR Starck V glass mixer allows you to see and experience the water vortex phenomenon in a truly unique way.

AXOR ShowerProducts designed by Front

The three designers from Front elegantly unmask those elements that usually remain concealed: with Scandinavian simplicity, they address the aesthetics of technology and create alluring designer items out of pipes, fittings, valves and funnels. A total five AXOR products for the shower area bear the hallmark of Front.

AXOR LampShower designed by Nendo

Nendo dreams of the disappearance of boundaries – of different living areas coming together – of a shower where you can simply draw up a chair, switch on a light and read. The result – an astounding living room light that is a shower. Put poetically, the AXOR LampShower adds a touch of homeliness to the bathroom. Light and water are combined in an almost magical way to form an elegant furnishing accessory.

AXOR Starck Organic bathroom mixers next to two wash bowls

AXOR and Philippe Starck are revolutionising use of the vital element of water. The essence of the new bathroom collection is contained in its organic minimalist design and a highly sensual water experience. AXOR Starck Organic combines intelligent functions and ecological value. Consequently, the motto of the collection is: Follow your Head and your Heart.

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