Just like a tropical paradise

Infinite comfort in a nature-inspired bathroom with a floor-level shower

A modern bathroom with a rain shower and nature-inspired, spacious room design: here, the opulence of the water-rich tropics becomes a day-to-day reality. The open architecture removes any limitations, and offers plenty of scope for your range of spa features. The main focus is the shower system. This is versatile, space-structuring and a source of pure water indulgence.

Modern bathroom with walk-in-shower and open architecture.
The opulence of the tropics in a large bathroom

Ample room to move around in a modern bathroom with a floor-level rain shower

Would you like a large bathroom that also functions as a nature-inspired living space, where you can go to escape from everyday stresses? Treat yourself to some relaxation, and enjoy water in abundance in a modern bathroom equipped with a rain shower. Use an open-plan design to create space for a spa-like retreat that offers plenty of variety. Foliage plants create a nature-oriented ambience, and a chill-out zone with seating facilities is ideal for relaxing. Expansive fields of view direct one’s gaze into the spacious room. A floor-level shower also removes any restrictions on freedom of movement. A versatile shower system forms a space-structuring focal point, attracting you with its lavish water indulgence.

Sensuous water indulgence with the comfort of a large shower system

A rain shower highlights the vibrant aura of nature-inspired bathroom design. As central elements in an open-plan concept, the shower system from hansgrohe add structuring accents. The Raindance E overhead shower is one of the rain showers that guarantees ergonomic comfort and enables you to enjoy water in a variety of ways, thanks to its smart technology. Whether it’s in a new or renovated bathroom. Thanks to its spray disc with a white background, the overhead shower integrates seamlessly into the ambience. Combined with the slender chrome frame, the design appears elegant and light-weight.

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