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A simple guide to renovating your bathroom – for lasting comfort

Could your bathroom do with a fresh new look? Design and technology, as well as the requirements for the bathroom, are all constantly evolving. Or do you have questions about energy efficiency? There are plenty of good reasons to renovate your bathroom to bring it up-to-date and use the existing structure in the process. Read this hansgrohe guide with checklist to find out what needs to be borne in mind.

A breath of fresh air in the bathroom: a new hand shower, basin tap or thermostatic shower mixer will create a modern look and add a feeling of comfort to your home.

Guide to successfully renovating an existing bathroom

Do you want to make your bathroom more beautiful? Let your ideas run wild. The possibilities range from a face-lift with fresh paint, better lighting and a modern hand shower to a stunning before-and-after effect. Even replacing the faucet can give the sink a new lease on life. And it is almost as easy to install as towel bars and shelves.

Anyone who wants to renovate the bathroom will have a lot of questions: ‘How do I proceed, what should I make sure not to forget?’ The white paper will provide easy-to-understand guidance through all the steps of bathroom planning, clarify technical aspects, and tell you where you can get support for your dream bathroom.

Step-by-step to your dream bathroom    

It's something you're sure to have listed out in your old bathroom: What annoys you? What do you want most? And don’t forget: What outlay can you expect - in financial terms, as well? The white paper will tell you what to expect when renovating and cover all the important points one by one:
  • What to consider in advance: Who will be using the bathroom and what are their preferences? Shower fans or bath tub aficionados? Also be sure to think about health and future requirements, as well as spatial conditions.
  • Gathering ideas: Where can I find inspiring bathrooms and attractive products when I want to renovate my bathroom?
  • Well-prepared for the retailer: The white paper contains a checklist to make sure you have all the important information ready when you talk with the professional.
  • How does professional bathroom planning actually work? Read the interview with an expert: How you can benefit from the expertise of a professional planner.
  • No need to fear the construction site: The white paper tells you how to avoid hassle and mess while your bathroom dreams take shape. 

Big or small? Renovating based on budget

First, set a budget, but be ready to look at a “plan B.” After all, the professional advice offered by the retailer will show you options that you may not have considered before! One thing is certain: A bathroom update with high-quality products by hansgrohe is a long-lasting investment. hansgrohe also offers 15 years of guaranteed availability for spare parts. Also consider renovating in stages. Individual conversions may be subsidized by the state. Please inform yourself accordingly.
Floor-level shower with Crometta showerpipe.
A floor-level shower is a favourite when modernising bathrooms. The Crometta showerpipe is particularly ideal for renovations as it can be retrofitted to existing connections.

Renovate the bathroom stylishly and with smart technology

Our tip: select a specific style so that it is easier for you to narrow down the choice of tap designs. hansgrohe offers three different styles of bathroom products: “Avantgarde”, “Modern” and “Classic”. This helps you choose from perfectly coordinated designs. The new hansgrohe products can also be combined with existing ones – for a harmonious bathroom renovation.

Brighten up the shower area and make it future-proof

Also find out about innovative technologies, because there have been many developments related to the bathroom. hansgrohe offers you a selection of bathroom products which are ideal for renovation. These include shower systems or shower sets. Moreover, replacing an exposed installation mixer with a hansgrohe ShowerTablet with shelf area offers added showering convenience without the need for any extensive renovation work.

Do you also need to consider future requirements of bathroom users? Lots of bathroom innovations support the cross-generation bathroom. Even in small stages, these provide you with better ergonomics and safety. Are you thinking about a floor-level shower instead of the old solution with a step? This investment in the future viability of your bathroom can also be achieved. Please note that this requires more extensive planning.

Renovate and retain your bathroom’s versatility

Whatever you decide on: with hansgrohe products, you will enjoy top brand quality, durability and spare parts availability. If you renovate using the iBox universal, you can also maintain your bathroom’s versatility in the future. With this product, future design requirements and features can easily be retrofitted “behind the wall”.

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