Tap the button and relax: ShowerSelect guaranties comfort.


Controlled convenience

hansgrohe ShowerSelect: water at the touch of a button

hansgrohe’s ShowerSelect units allow you to control water via a simple button, whether you’re turning the water off or selecting between your overhead and hand shower, making it an ultra-convenient and intuitive addition to any bathroom. They are available as a thermostatic or non-thermostatic unit, as well as in a square or round shape, in chrome and glass or black and white, so there’s something for every style of bathroom. Thanks to hansgrohe’s iBox universal technology, installation is simple and the clever technology simply disappears behind the wall.

Thermostatic or non-thermostatic?

Where water pressure is unstable or temperatures fluctuate, a thermostatic valve continuously compensates for those fluctuations, meaning you enjoy a constant water volume and temperature. For pipes with constant water pressure, a non-thermostatic valve can be considered. Whichever you choose, intuitive Select push buttons with their easy-to-understand, wear-resistant symbols make shower operation simple, and the protruding button immediately shows the active water source. And when you’re done, the flush-mounted control buttons make cleaning easy.

You can be confident in your choice with ShowerSelect. The ShowerSelect thermostatic valve for two taps has won multiple awards, particularly for its accessible design, making it particularly suitable for any cross-generation bathroom.

Planning your shower with ShowerSelect

The first step is to choose your shower - you can control up to four taps with ShowerSelect. For a hand shower and a single-jet overhead shower you need a concealed unit, which can be easily installed universally on the iBox universal.

ShowerSelect can also be used with lots of overhead showers, although you will need additional installation help. For instance, a multi-jet overhead shower in the Rainmaker Select range also requires a valve, which is also simple to mount on an iBox universal.

We recommend installation by a plumbing professional.

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