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How to find the right thermostatic mixer

hansgrohe thermostatic mixers – reliable, convenient and attractive

A thermostatic mixer ensures constant water temperature and volume throughout its entire service life. Even when your loved ones flush the toilet while you are showering. You won’t suffer any unpleasant cold shocks or any scalding. Thanks to the preset temperature, with thermostatic mixers you also save valuable water and energy in comparison with single lever mixers. This quickly pays off.

How do thermostatic mixers work? In a thermostatic mixer, you configure the exact blend of hot and cold water. If the pressure or temperature in the cold or hot water pipe changes, the thermostatic mixer automatically adjusts the mix. If the flow of cold water stops completely, you are still protected from any scalding. This is because the thermostatic valve shuts off the supply immediately.

In the shower and bath tub, the water is always at the temperature you need

hansgrohe offers you a wide range of thermostatic shower mixers and thermostatic bath mixers. A decisive factor in your choice is the question of how many products need to be controlled by the thermostatic mixer: hand shower, side shower or multi-jet overhead shower? At hansgrohe, you can get thermostatic mixers for up to five products or spray types. All of these stand out thanks to their clever design and sophisticated functions.

Exposed installation or do you prefer concealed installation? 

You can choose from hansgrohe exposed or concealed thermostatic mixers. An exposed thermostatic mixer can easily be installed onto existing hot and cold water connections, which is also feasible as part of minor renovations. Exposed thermostatic mixers protrude from the wall and can function as a practical storage area for your shower gel and shampoo at the same time. 

A concealed thermostatic mixer is particularly suitable for new bathroom builds. On these thermostatic mixers, all of the technology disappears behind the wall, so you can enjoy having more space along with an overall uncluttered look for your bathroom. The technology is concealed in the hansgrohe iBox universal. This is a base set, which can be installed in the wall before you have even decided on a specific concealed solution. Once the iBox is in the wall, you can choose practically any of the concealed thermostatic mixers and retrofit or upgrade whenever you want.

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