hansgrohe Raindance: premium shower heads.


Delightful showering on a grand scale

hansgrohe Raindance: High-quality, comfortable showering with the wellness factor

Do you love to shower with that feel-good factor? Welcome to the world of indulgence offered by the large-area hansgrohe Raindance premium showers! All models, even the hand showers, feature large spray discs for a fantastic showering experience (XXL Performance). Variety is guaranteed: Raindance hand and overhead showers come with up to three captivating jet types. All spray discs are manufactured from high-quality materials.

Raindance Select – showering fun at the touch of a button 

Raindance Select makes your body care routine more fun. Select the shower jet by simply pressing the Select push button. On the Raindance hand showers this is built into the handhold, while on the multi-jet overhead showers it is in the centre of the spray disc. The purely mechanical technology is exceptionally durable.

Hand showers in award-winning design and proven quality

Raindance Select hand showers pamper you with three jet types. Select your favourite shower jet easily using the Select push button, choosing water that caresses (RainAir), invigorates (Rain) or massages (Whirl). Opt for one of two sizes (120 or 150 mm diameter) and the surface finish that you want (white/chrome or chrome).

Raindance Select Showerpipe – a systematic approach to enjoyable showers

Select the Raindance Select S to add a sophisticated shower system to your bathroom. This consists of an overhead shower, hand shower and an intuitive thermostatic mixer

Technology that inspires and saves water 

hansgrohe Raindance showers feature AirPower. Here, the spray disc sucks in an ample supply of air and enriches the water with it. The soft beads of shower rain create a wonderful feel-good sensation, while the water consumption is reduced. The fact that the shower is easy to clean is a further plus. Simply rub any limescale off the silicone nozzles (QuickClean). In the event of any stubborn dirt marks, just remove the spray disc on the overhead shower and clean it in the dishwasher.

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PowderRain spray mode

Gentle and relaxing microfine droplets

We turn showering into pure relaxation. The innovative PowderRain spray mode envelops you in thousands of micro-fine droplets, delighting customers worldwide.

Showering becomes pure relaxation with hansgrohe PowderRain.
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