Raindance Select S with PowderRain

Gentle, soothing and quiet: the new premium shower experience

Do you love that safe feeling of homely happiness? Then you will surely like the idea of your own private spa at home. The thousands of fine, micro droplets of the new hansgrohe PowderRain jet type will make you feel completely calm and relaxed. Let your thoughts drift and enjoy the quiet, soothing, deep relaxation.

PowderRain spray underneath the overhead shower.
hansgrohe Rainfinity overhead shower with XXL spray disc, equipped with PowderRain - thousands of microdroplets soothingly enveloping your entire body.

PowderRain: relaxing and gentle, thanks to micro-fine droplets

The new micro droplets feel wonderful on your skin. And show in the most pleasurable way what is possible with water when it flows through hansgrohe showers. This fine jet not only treats you to a unique shower experience, but is also so sophisticated that it hardly splashes at all.

A complete feeling of comfort under the shower that is as quiet as a whisper

The PowderRain jet type was designed for you as an enjoyable, relaxing retreat in your own home. Providing you with that warm, safe feeling to pamper you in your own private oasis of well-being. The gentle jet feels wonderfully pleasant all over the skin. Thousands of micro droplets deliver sensual showering pleasure. As if you were standing in the gentle rain of a tropical forest. What’s more, the water multiplies in the shower head to produce an extremely quiet spray. The experts at the hansgrohe sound laboratory have succeeded in considerably reducing the shower noise to a mere whisper. So you can switch off completely during your daily body care routine.

Mini-droplets with maximum effect for minimum splashes

PowderRain is gentle AND effective. The many thousands of droplets rinse out shower gel and shampoo really thoroughly. And the new micro spray hardly produces any splashes. This means: less limescale = less cleaning. That’s good news in any bathroom. Especially in the open showers that are currently on trend.

Interested in a fresh boost to your shower, but have a small bathroom?

Craving PowderRain but have a small bathroom? Good news: It doesn’t take a lot of space to give yourself this whole new shower experience. Pulsify showers make the most of the space in your shower. 

New Pulsify shower family means PowderRain for all

Pulsify showers transform water into a silky coat of countless micro-droplets, in PowderRain spray modes of varying intensity, so you can feel highly refreshed one time and deeply relaxed another. Whatever you like, at any time of day and in any mood. 

Pulsify’s spatial miracles fit in any shower space

Want to take your comfort and water experience up a notch? Get a Pulsify shower pipe installed – a fully energizing pleasure with overhead and hand shower.

Coming soon to the South African market.
*In December 2018, 1,500 end customers tested the hansgrohe PowderRain at trnd, a community for participatory marketing in Europe.
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